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Everything Horse: What Kids Really Want To Know About Horses (Kids Faqs) [PORTABLE]

Seahorses are among the most unique and interesting animals that can be found beneath the surface of the ocean. These tiny fish are mysterious to those who see them and want to know more about them. There are many incredible seahorse facts out there, but these are just a few of them.

Everything Horse: What Kids Really Want to Know about Horses (Kids Faqs)

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To support them in making horses a mainstay in their lives, we will be partnering with several equine industry professionals to not only share their knowledge, but offer guidance and mentorship should anyone want to go down that career path. For example, Dr. Mike Pownall jumped at the chance to support us by having some of the folks at McKee-Pownall Equine Services come and not only share their knowledge on equine health, but their experiences with vet school and vet tech programs. Michelle Seberras at Mountain Oak Farriers has expressed an interest in talking about shoeing. Justin Pope has offered to come and talk about the time he spent working at Medieval Times and now alongside the horse industry at System Fencing. There are so many opportunities and careers that I myself had never even considered; by laying out as many options as possible and reinforcing them with mentorship and guidance, I hope these kids will find fulfilling careers and enjoy horses in some capacity for the rest of their lives.


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