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[FSX] Drzewiecki Design - Polish Airports Vol.1 For FSX V2.2 Free Download

[FSX] Drzewiecki Design - Polish Airports Vol.1 for FSX v2.2 free download

If you are a fan of flight simulation and want to experience the beauty and realism of flying over Poland, you might be interested in downloading the latest version of Polish Airports Vol.1 by Drzewiecki Design. This is a package of highly detailed sceneries of four major airports in Poland: Gdańsk, Katowice, Rzeszów and Lublin .

In this article, we will give you an overview of the features and improvements of this add-on, as well as the download link and installation instructions.


Features and improvements

Polish Airports Vol.1 is compatible with both FSX and Prepar3D . It has been updated to version 2.2 in 2020, which includes the following changes:

  • Dynamic lights at all airports (for P3Dv4/v5 only)

  • Enhanced SODE objects (jetways, windsocks, etc.)

  • Updated apron markings and parking positions

  • New buildings and landmarks in the vicinity of the airports

  • New static aircraft and vehicles

  • Better performance and optimization

  • Minor bug fixes and adjustments

The add-on also features:

  • Highly realistic and accurate airport layouts

  • High resolution ground textures and custom runway markings

  • 3D terminal buildings, hangars, towers, fences and other objects

  • Animated jetways, marshallers, ground crew and traffic

  • Seasonal changes and night lighting effects

  • Custom airport charts and manuals

Download link and installation instructions

You can download Polish Airports Vol.1 for FSX v2.2 from the official website of Drzewiecki Design [here] or from simMarket [here]. The file size is about 1.6 GB and the price is 24 EUR (VAT included).

To install the add-on, you need to run the installer file and follow the instructions on the screen. You will need to enter your email address and serial number that you received after purchasing the product. You can also choose which airports you want to install and which options you prefer (such as static aircraft, animated objects, etc.). The installer will automatically detect your simulator path and add the scenery to your library.

After the installation is complete, you can launch your simulator and enjoy flying over Poland with Polish Airports Vol.1!


Polish Airports Vol.1 by Drzewiecki Design is a great add-on for flight simulation enthusiasts who want to explore some of the most important airports in Poland. It offers high quality sceneries with realistic details, animations and effects. It also supports dynamic lighting and SODE objects for P3Dv4/v5 users. The add-on is easy to install and configure, and it is compatible with both FSX and Prepar3D.

If you are looking for a new destination to fly to or from, you should definitely check out Polish Airports Vol.1 by Drzewiecki Design!


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