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Zwan Mary Star Of The Sea 320kbpsrar RAR 15100M

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Zwan Mary Star Of The Sea 320kbpsrar RAR 15100M

Zwan - Mary Star Of The Sea: A Forgotten Gem of Alternative Rock

Zwan was a short-lived band formed by Billy Corgan after the breakup of The Smashing Pumpkins in 2000. The band consisted of Corgan, Jimmy Chamberlin, Paz Lenchantin, Matt Sweeney and Pajo. They released only one album, Mary Star Of The Sea, in 2003, before disbanding in 2004.

Mary Star Of The Sea is a diverse and eclectic album that showcases Zwan's musical range and talent. The album features 14 tracks that span from upbeat rockers like "Lyric" and "Baby Let's Rock!" to mellow ballads like "Of A Broken Heart" and "Come With Me". The album also includes a 14-minute epic titled "Jesus, I / Mary Star Of The Sea", which combines a cover of a traditional hymn with an original instrumental section.

The album received mixed reviews from critics and fans, who compared it unfavorably to Corgan's previous work with The Smashing Pumpkins. However, the album has also gained a cult following among some listeners who appreciate its melodic and optimistic tone. The album sold over 400,000 copies worldwide and reached number 3 on the Billboard 200 chart.

If you are looking for a high-quality download of Mary Star Of The Sea, you can find it on SoundCloud[^2^] [^4^] or Peatix[^3^]. The file size is 151 MB and the bitrate is 320 kbps. You can also stream the album on Spotify or YouTube.

Zwan - Mary Star Of The Sea is a hidden gem of alternative rock that deserves more recognition and appreciation. If you are a fan of Billy Corgan or The Smashing Pumpkins, you should give this album a listen. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you hear.

Zwan's history was brief and tumultuous, as the band faced internal conflicts and personal issues that led to their breakup. According to Corgan, some of the band members engaged in inappropriate and unprofessional behavior, such as having sex acts in public, carrying drugs across borders, and sleeping with the producer's girlfriend. [5] Corgan also claimed that he was the only one who cared about the music and that the others were only interested in fame and money. [6]

Zwan performed their last show on September 20, 2003, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. [7] Shortly after, Corgan announced on his website that Zwan had \"quietly dissolved\" and that he was working on a solo album. [8] The solo album, titled TheFutureEmbrace, was released in 2005 and featured guest appearances by Chamberlin and Robert Smith of The Cure. In 2006, Corgan and Chamberlin reunited as The Smashing Pumpkins and released a new album, Zeitgeist, in 2007.

The other members of Zwan also pursued their own musical projects after the breakup. Lenchantin joined The Entrance Band and later became a touring member of Pixies. Pajo released several solo albums under various names and joined Yeah Yeah Yeahs as a touring guitarist. Sweeney collaborated with Bonnie \"Prince\" Billy on an album called Superwolf and formed a duo with Will Oldham called Superwolves.

Zwan's legacy remains controversial among fans and critics. Some consider Mary Star Of The Sea to be a masterpiece of alternative rock, while others dismiss it as a disappointing and derivative effort. Some view Zwan as a wasted opportunity for Corgan to explore new musical directions, while others see it as a necessary step for him to rediscover his passion and creativity. Despite the mixed reactions, Zwan's music still resonates with many listeners who appreciate its energy, melody and optimism. 9160f4acd4


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