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Syarah Matan Jazari Pdf !LINK! Download

Syarah Matan Jazariyah is a book that explains the rules and principles of tajwid and tahsin, which are the sciences of reciting the Quran correctly and beautifully. Tajwid and tahsin are obligatory for every Muslim who wants to read the Quran with respect and accuracy. The book is written in a poetic form, making it easy to memorize and study.

syarah matan jazari pdf download

The author of Syarah Matan Jazariyah is Syamsuddin Abul Khair Muhammad bin Muhamad bin Muhammad bin Ali bin Yusuf Al-Jazary Ad-Dimasyqi Asy-Syafi'i, a famous scholar who produced many works on the different modes of Quranic recitation. He was born in Damascus on Friday, 26 November 1350 or 25 Ramadan 751 Hijri. He completed his memorization of the Quran at the age of 13. Some of his other works are:

  • TaábÄr al-taysÄr fÄ qirÄÊÄt al-Êashr (The Simplification of Ease in the Ten Recitations)

  • TaqrÄb al-Nashr fÄ al-qirÄÊÄt al-Êashr (The Approximation of Dissemination in the Ten Recitations)

  • Al-TamhÄd fÄ Êilm al-tajwÄd (The Introduction to the Science of Tajwid)

  • áayyibat al-nashr fÄ al-qirÄÊÄt al-Êashr (The Goodness of Dissemination in the Ten Recitations)

  • Munjid al-MuqriÊÄn wa-murshid al-áÄlibÄn (The Helper of the Reciters and the Guide of the Seekers)

  • GhÄyat al-NihÄyah fÄ áabaqÄt al-QurrÄÊ (The Ultimate End in the Ranks of the Reciters)

Syarah Matan Jazariyah covers various topics related to tajwid and tahsin, such as:

  • Makharijul huruf (the articulation points of the letters)

  • Sifat-sifat huruf (the characteristics of the letters)

  • Tajwid (the rules of recitation)

  • Tafkhim and tarqiq (the heaviness and lightness of the letters)

  • Hukum tanwin and nun sukun (the rules of tanwin and nun sakinah)

  • Hukum mim and nun tasydid (the rules of mim and nun mushaddadah)

  • Hukum mad (the rules of elongation)

If you want to download Syarah Matan Jazariyah in PDF format, you can find it on various websites, such as:

  • Syarah Lengkap Matan Al Jazari PDF - Scribd[^1^]

  • Download Terjemah Kitab Matan Jazariyah PDF (Tajwid) - Abu Syuja[^2^]

  • Syarah matan muqaddimah aljazariyyah.pdf - Course Hero[^3^]

Tajwid and tahsin are not only important for reciting the Quran correctly and beautifully, but also for understanding its meaning and message. The Quran is the word of Allah, and it contains guidance, wisdom, and mercy for all mankind. By learning tajwid and tahsin, we can appreciate the eloquence, the structure, and the style of the Quranic language. We can also avoid mispronouncing or misinterpreting the words of Allah, which may lead to errors or sins.

Learning tajwid and tahsin also has many benefits for our spiritual and mental well-being. Reciting the Quran with tajwid and tahsin can increase our faith, our love for Allah, and our connection with Him. It can also bring peace, tranquility, and happiness to our hearts and minds. It can protect us from evil influences, temptations, and doubts. It can also improve our memory, concentration, and intelligence.

To learn tajwid and tahsin, we need to have a sincere intention, a strong motivation, and a consistent effort. We need to seek knowledge from qualified teachers who have mastered the science of tajwid and tahsin. We need to practice regularly and diligently, following the rules and examples of the reciters. We need to review what we have learned and correct our mistakes. We need to ask Allah for His help and guidance in this noble endeavor. c481cea774


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