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Santiago Brooks
Santiago Brooks

Where To Buy Grace In La Jeans

I love denim. I live in it. Most women come home and take off their jeans, I come home and put jeans on. However, it has to be the comfortable denim. The type that squeezes just the right places, is smooth on your skin and fits just right. Grace In LA is that Denim. It is so incredibly comfortable, even my little girl agreed!

where to buy grace in la jeans

I am no stranger to my little girl wanting to imitate me. She loves to dress up like me, she loves to do her hair like me and I definitely love it too! When I saw that Grace In LA has a girls section on their site and that we could get matching jeans, I just had to get some. It made this little girls day and mine too. Also they are LONG which for my tiny waisted but tall girl is awesome. We ordered size 4 for her and I am pretty sure she will be wearing these for a few years. Plus the denim is strong and not flimsy which with kids is a HUGE plus.

Grace and LA jeans boast just the right amount of stretch from some of the finest fabrics. The modern washes are made to weather, fade and become personalized with wear. The handcrafted finishing techniques and polished back pocket designs truly sparkle and pop. 041b061a72


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