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During this phase of the diet, you should definitely include one high-carb day each week. Having this day to look forward to will make a real difference in your ability to tolerate such extremes in dieting.

A common question I get from those dieting down to low levels of body fat is how to maintain that lean body without gaining body fat while trying to build more muscle. It's quite possible to do so if you're very careful and detailed with your diet. You simply can't go back to the way you were eating before you started to get serious about your fat loss. Going back to your old ways will lead to rapid fat gain as your metabolism is a bit slower at this time. Simply put, you'll reverse the steps that brought you to where you now are. Just like dieting down in carbs and calories was a slow, progressive process, so too should be your return to a higher carb, higher calorie diet.

The 80/20 rule allows you to enjoy a good deal of flexibility with your diet and offers significant psychological advantages over rigid diets with strict rules. In fact, in a study conducted on rigid vs. flexible dieting, there was a strong correlation between flexible dieting and lower body weight, lower levels of depression and anxiety, and an absence of overeating.

I strongly encourage you to give flexible dieting a try so you can see for yourself how freeing it is to lose weight without giving up any of your favorite foods. To me, eating great food is one of the most pleasurable experiences in life, and flexible dieting gives me the freedom to enjoy all the foods I love without any of the guilt.

Do you want to build muscles while eating the food you love Get this audiobook and follow my step-by-step explanations! Perfect for anyone who utilizes the concept of flexible dieting and IIFYM and wants to add some change into one's diet because it can sometimes become repetitive. Get the correct amounts of proteins, fats, and carbs and you'll become more fit, as well as become more successful at consuming fat and building slender muscles.

So how did this type of dieting come about Well, bodybuilders in the old days simply got tired of eating the same bland foods when preparing for a competition. They ate the kind of food that scares people away from attempting to lose weight in the first place! These boring, clean meals, included chicken, broccoli, rice, veggies, eggs, and well - you get the picture. There's no denying that this "bro science" approach to dieting works, but the real question is: is it worth it After years of making bodybuilders miserable "If It Fits Your Macros" was born. IIFYM is thus a way to improve one's body composition by not solely relying on clean foods. 59ce067264


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