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Something scary makes you feel scared, makes you feel frightened. It is something bad and dangerous. For example, lions are scary, because lions can kill you easily. Many people think clowns are scary. Some people like watching scary films.

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Long time reader, first time Anyways I usually don't respond to the Hey Answerfans section but this weeks question I really had a good specific answer for so I figured I'd give it a shot. So I have a two instances in mind here, starting first with one of my favorite shows, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. While I find the entire series to be great, its specifically the last episode that will make me feel good no matter what. I remember one instance where I was having a bad time at school and was having trouble with my friends and I had no way to feel better; and so, on a whim, I fired up the last episode of Gurren Lagann. I had forgotten the wonders of that episode. I suppose there are possible spoilers up ahead but I'll try and keep them out of it as much as possible. Seeing Nia and Simon fight side by side, watching everyone pour their heart into the battle, and seeing the culmination of spiral energy that is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, well, that simply did it for me. I literaly cried with tears of joy. The episode is so epic, so incredible, so well done, so manly, so beautiful, that I simply forgot all of my troubles. Despite the melancholy of the final minutes of the episode, I was just comforted by not only by finale of the show but also by the knowledge that great, original shows of such epic quality could still be made. The second show I want to talk about is The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, specifically episode 12. I'm pretty sure a lot of people consider it the best episode of the series; and, while I'm not sure if I even consider it the best episode it definitely is a comfort show for me. What I love about the episode is how it focuses on Kyon's interests and decisions rather than Haruhi's antics or Mikurus clumsiness. You see Kyon behave as a normal high school guy would, by visiting the booth with all of the girls in maid outfits, you also see him follow his friends around, showing little interest in most of the booths, also like a normal high school guy. It's towards the end of the episode, when he decides to go see the music show and falls asleep that I really start feeling better. When Haruhi takes the stage and sings her heart out for everyone and you see Kyon's actual enthusiasm and enjoyment of the performance, I really just lose it. Haruhi isn't acting crazy and controlling, she's genuinely helping out her classmates and enjoying herself with a normal activity. Kyon goes and finds Haruhi and they have a moment of normalcy for the couple. I suppose what these two shows have in common is the connection that the main couples have in each episode. It truly shows the love between the characters in its' most beautiful form. Hopefully I'll find other "comfort episodes" in the future because they can really help out in a fix. I'm glad anime can have the depth to really touch me when I need it; and, assuming I made it, I'm glad I made it onto hey Answerfans!

For me, personally, it would have to be two properties from Kousuke Fujishima, "You're Under Arrest" and "Ah! My Goddess". For better orworse, neither series has really evolved all that much over the past two decades, which can pretty much make them some of the definitive anime and manga equivalents of comfort food. The relatively slow plot pacing (which is likely a turnoff for some) and slice of life style allows the viewer or reader the ability to jump back into them at almost any point in time, without missing much of a beat.The thought o


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