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Maxs Life [Ch. 5 V0.46] !FREE!

"Mysteriously gifted with the power to rewind time, young photography student Max Caulfield became entangled in the dark secrets of Arcadia Bay. She used her strange new abilities to reconnect with her oldest friend, Chloe Price, and to bring to justice the men who had murdered Chloe's closest confidante, Rachel Amber. Max's temporal abilities came at a cost, however, creating a once-in-a-generation hurricane that threatened the town with total destruction, if Max didn't allow the original timeline - in which Chloe died of a gunshot wound - to play out. In one sequence of events, Max chose to save Chloe's life, sacrificing Arcadia Bay. And in a multiverse of infinite possibilities, this is one version of what happened next..."

Maxs Life [Ch. 5 v0.46]

But she suddenly wakes to Chloe worrying about her, saying they should go back to Seattle. It is night, and they are resting on the bed of Chloe's truck as it is parked up on a cliff edge near to the lighthouse. Max asks Chloe if she believes in multiple realities, and Chloe says she thinks she always did. Max lists some of the realities that she thinks exist, which includes a Max who didn't save Chloe's life, a Max who never came back to Arcadia Bay, a Max who never left... Chloe interrupts to say that there's also a Chloe who is waiting for her best friend to come home, a Chloe who ran to L.A., and a Chloe who is able to speak her emotions out loud. Max suddenly asks Chloe if she loved Rachel as more than a friend, catching Chloe off guard. They start to have a serious conversation about what they mean to each other, and Chloe says she's not even been able to think about it, and Max agrees, even though she says she wants to think about it. Chloe suggests it would be different if they were in another reality where they aren't carrying a ton of baggage and where their lives are normal. The conversation is suddenly interrupted by Max experiencing a "flicker."

Max appears to drift off to sleep as she hugs her knees against her chest. When she wakes, her nose is bleeding. Max heads back to the truck to wake Chloe, saying she wants to do something before they sleep. Under cover of darkness, they head to the Blackwell Academy campus where Max has the intention to scrawl on the Prescott memorial that's due to be unveiled in the morning. As they both crouch down to lift the covering on the memorial, Chloe tells Max she needs to say something. She thanks Max, not just for literally saving her life but for everything she has done to save her life over the past year. She tells Max there's no way she could have coped without her and is stronger because of Max's presence in her life, also adding that she feels strong enough to let Max go if she has to. Chloe tells Max to stop fighting whatever is pulling at her, because she loves her too much to see her hurting. Max tells Chloe it's not fair that they've both spent a year trying to come to terms with the destruction caused by the storm, who they both are, and how they both feel, only to have the timelines turn on them just as they are getting somewhere. Chloe reassures Max that the year has been well spent growing together, coping together, making new friends and a life, and that this is already a year more than she would have had if Max had not saved her. She figures out that Max wants to leave a mark on the memorial to see what happens to it once she leaves the timeline. Chloe then tells Max to remember this... and kisses her.

It is morning, and we see Max and Chloe's friends Dex, Dwight, Pixie, and Tammi arrive at the memorial at Blackwell Academy. Max and Chloe are sitting somewhere in front of the main campus, talking about what Max is going to do next. Max holds onto a photo that she thinks will let her gain access to what she has started calling the "transect" (a temporal crossroads of windows to different realities that she can choose to visit). Chloe asks which reality Max is planning on choosing, but Max isn't sure, saying she will know when she sees it as the pull is getting stronger. Max rests her head on Chloe's shoulder and says she wishes they could stay like this forever as she focuses on the photo and starts to fade away. Chloe says that somewhere out there, they do. Then Chloe is left sitting alone, vowing that she won't waste the life Max gave her and that the sacrifices they both made won't be wasted. Crying, she says that if there is a Max Caulfield in the reality Max has left her alone in, she will find her.

At the "transect," Max vows in answer to Chloe that she won't waste her life, either. She looks at all of the many possible realities as she thinks about how Chloe has always been her anchor and believes that, wherever she finds herself, Chloe will be there. But Max thinks about how, for all of Chloe's life, it seems choices have been made for her, and Max doesn't feel any less guilty for her own part in this. Max decides that the reality she chooses to live in will be the one that is Chloe's choice, not hers.

At apartment Rachel was recording and blog Amber lifetime they conversation. And making pasta. Max Miss original Chloe that she always remember her past time. The max makes the decision to make the go back in time to go to see Rachel and Chloe in that time since they are together since before or after Rachel was not in the darkroom Max see the guy that Paul shop and the guy was just a key of nowhere As introduced as Perry that Chloe was working her break that she listened the high seas band. Sure, their conversation about the Rachel that you was not happy the Rachel want to become an actor after the done talkin Chloe want to share Max Art Commission of Her masterpiece Rachel was coming back in bed she has a author of play Shakespeare that she's going to Away by 6 months after they complained that Rachel's going to leave but Chloe don't want to leave her alone. Max left beside the apartment went to the beach and the same God who was there standing there that Max was confusing that it was flicker or something was disappear after the guy passed by the black Colt as ask Kristen what's disappear that Max was confusing and it will never happen again that her powers react might happen again (to be continued)

On the shore of an unfamiliar reality, Max has landed in a world too good to be true. Rachel, the girl who suffered a terrible fate in Max's reality, is alive and well, and with Chloe. Both of them are starting a new life to call their own in Los Angeles. 041b061a72


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