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OtterSpot Wireless Charging System Hands-on: Leave The Cables At The Office

The best Qi wireless charging battery allows you to charge whenever, wherever, and however you want. Did you leave your cable at home? Charge wirelessly! Do you need a quicker burst of power for an almost dead phone? Plug in for a faster charge. While Qi wireless charging battery packs aren't quite as popular as traditional power banks, the best wireless charging portable chargers will keep you topped off and ready to roll no matter where you've camped out during your daily errands.

OtterSpot wireless charging system hands-on: Leave the cables at the office

Bring this IPX5 waterproof, portable, high-capacity power bank along with you on your next camping adventure, no cables necessary. Along with solar charging capabilities, it doubles up as a 20,000mAh wireless power bank and Qi wireless charger and even includes a flashlight and compass kit.

"The ability to stay connected advances with each new smartphone and while a charge lasts longer than ever before, we're often still faced with the dreaded 'low battery' warning," said OtterBox CEO Jim Parke. "OtterSpot offers portable wireless charging so the low battery warning is never an issue. The ability to charge multiple batteries and devices at once ensures everyone in the home or office has a fully charged device all day long."

OtterSpot Wireless Charging Batteries pack a punch with 5,000 mAh of capacity and up to 10-watt wireless charge speeds. The battery features an added option for simultaneous device charging through the dual-role USB-C port, perfect for travel when you're away or have a friend in need of a power boost. Modern design elements complemented by sleek visual aesthetics ensure the OtterSpot Wireless Charging System is a perfect fit in any office or home environment.

Cell phone charging pads feature inductive coupling technology which allows you to simply place your compatible phone or tablet on the wireless charging surface in order to charge the battery. Only the wireless charging pad's USB cable needs to be plugged in, which means less charging cables for you to carry around. A wireless charging pad can be used with all Qi-enabled devices.

A wireless charging surface provides an easy and convenient way to charge your mobile devices. There is no need for additional cables for wireless charging other than the cord to plug in the charger. Because multiple devices are compatible with the charging pad, the wireless charging surface can eliminate the need to lug around extra chargers or cables.


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