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Nonton Film Avatar The Legend Of Aang Episodes LINK

The legend of Aang comes to life with a live action adaptation. Avatar: The Last Airbender takes place in a world where many humans can wield the power of the elements. However, only the avatar can control all four. This gives them the responsibility to maintain balance across the four nations. But when Avatar Aang gets frozen in ice for 100 years, the world is shaken by the rise of the Fire Nation empire. Once Aang is awoken by Katara and her brother, they embark on a mission across the world.

nonton film avatar the legend of aang episodes

Only five of the characters throughout the series have their age explicitly mentioned: Aang is 112 (though only 12 biologically), Zuko and Yue are 16, Toph is 12, and Tom-Tom (Mai's brother) is 2. It is also mentioned by Ty Lee that Mai is fifteen years older than her brother, which would make her 17. Canonically, Mai is only 15 years old though, which would mean Ty Lee's line is a writing error. Besides Aang, at least two other characters are over 100 years old: Bumi (who knew Aang before he got frozen) and Guru Pathik (who knew Monk Gyatso). Certain pieces of information from various episodes also imply that Firelord Sozin lived for about 100 years, Avatar Kyoshi had lived for 230 years. Avatar Kuruk died at the age of 33, and that makes him the shortest lived avatar ever. 350c69d7ab


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