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Dead Rising 2 Black Box

At the edge of the city, at a quarantine zone, a young man dressed in a mechanic's overalls with the name NICK RAMOS on the chest, with a stylized number 12 tattooed under his right ear, is trying to find a way out of the city for himself and his friends. Heading into the tunnel, Nick grabs a flashlight, finding a lot of dead and undead bodies in holding pens. Getting past them, all Nick finds is a caved-in tunnel. Despondent that the only way out has been bombed shut, he returns to a diner others had made into a Safe House. Passing by the gated off zombies, they start banging on the grate, forcing themselves through to get to Nick. Getting outside didn’t change anything due to the zombies outside as well. With no other choice, Nick jumps off the bridge, landing on his side. Getting up, Nick spots the zombies, but he also spots an airliner heading towards him. The plane crashes just a few feet ahead of Nick, zombies crawling out of the burning wreckage. Disoriented, Nick rushes past the zombies as the wreckage starts to explode. Crawling through the airplane, Nick hops from car to car as survivors are ripped to shreds around him. Getting to the Dilly Diner, Nick is let in by boss and mother figure Rhonda, where Nick’s friend Dick shows off a sledgehammer he found. Nick chats with a girl named Annie, who he has a crush on, bonding with her over them being orphans. When Annie takes a shot of Zombrex, Rhonda doesn’t hide the fact she thinks little of Illegals, men and women who went on the run when the government ordered all infected get a Zombrex Chip, refusing on the grounds they have a GPS on them 24/7. When Dick leans against a jukebox, the music turns on and all the zombies start swarming. While comforting his elderly mother, Peter spots a zombie cop is shooting his gun, having some shred of his memory in how to shoot it. Disturbed at seeing a smart zombie, Peter’s mother runs outside and when Peter follows both are ripped to shreds. Dick vomits in disgust, but Rhonda gets them to calm down, saying they’ll head to her garage in Ingleton, where the walls are thick and the TV might work. Annie leaves by herself to meet with her group with nothing but a bat. Rhonda tells Nick to think, reminds him he’s a fixer, he can make anything into a weapon. Combining the Sledgehammer with a saw, he creates a Sledge Saw, giving them a weapon as they flee through the back door. Finding a still working SUV, they drive the rest of the way to Rhonda’s Garage. Here, Dick wonders if the whole country has fallen while Rhonda wonders where the police and army is. A zombie surprises them but Rhonda buries a crowbar into its head, but they spot its neck has a red flashing light under the skin, a sign they were chipped before they turned, but what worries them is the chips are supposed to automatically dose them with Zombrex. Rhonda turns on the TV to get some news, but all they get is static. Rhonda starts getting to work on the antenna, and tells Nick that it’ll be a couple hours. Checking the Zombie’s ZDC jacket, he finds a transceiver, and finds the man on the other side can only read his lips, but can’t hear anything. Nick wonders if he’s a cop, but the guy, Jamie Flynt, explains he’s a janitor locked in a security room and can only call Nick. Luckily, Jamie has a bag of chips and control of all monitors in the city. So Jamie offers to tell Nick if he spots any survivors who might need help. In exchange, Nick will check out the Ingleton Motel for some supplies the Illegals left.

Dead Rising 2 black box

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When Rhonda repairs the TV, the survivors see a news report that the President, Sonya Paddock, was in Los Perdidos when the outbreak occurred and that there’s a search going on for her. Changing to a press conference held by Secretary of Defense, former General John Hemlock, who states that the cause of the outbreak has not been identified yet, but there is a strong possibility that it was started by an unchipped illegal infectant. Los Perdidos will be quarantined for the search of the President, but in six days when all survivors have been rescued, an incidiary bomb will be launched at Los Perdidos, destroying it and every zombie inside. All civilians are urged to report to any nearby military quarantine station. A list of names are produced, and Dick groans that there’s a quarantine station at Production Bridge, too far to get to by walking, and any car will be swarmed. But Nick takes a look at a steam roller and an SUV, and decides to combine them, making a Turret Rig. Driving past thousands of zombies on the bridge to a barricade that forces them to continue on foot. What they find is a bloodbath, the ZDC agents have been murdered, a gang of hoodlums dressed in leather and denim surround them as a biker gang rides in. Two of them take Rhonda away from Nick and Dick, who have to fight off the gang. Surviving the best they can, the two hooligans are kicked away by Rhonda. But that’s when the gang leader rolls in, dressed in a fur jacket, a mohawk, and the confederate flag painted on his face, Hunter, riding a motorcycle with a steam roller on the front. Running over his own men, Hunter gives a tirade to Nick about how happy he is that there is no military or police to interfere with his fun. Dodging Hunter’s attacks, Nick beats him with molotov cocktails and dodging out of the way of explosive crashes. Hunter ends up crashing into an oil truck, and with their leader dead the gang runs away. When Rhonda goes to thank Nick, he falls to his knees. Zombies make sense to kill, they’re already dead. But People? There had to have been something he could’ve done. Rhonda assures him he did the right thing. That gang was going to kill them, or worse. She tells Nick that they need to leave the city, it’s escape or die. Nick accepts this reasoning and heads back to the garage. Along the way, the trio are shot at by a stocky man in military camo. As they hide, Nick recognizes the man as his foster brother Diego. Relaxing when Nick tells him, “Yo soy Nick.” Diego goes to hug his amigo. Turns out Diego had been looking for the chop shop he works at. Nick wonders about the rest of the army, but Diego admits they were swarmed at the new museum the president was at, he only got away due to an act of cowardice. Now Diego is having a panic attack at possibly being AWOL. Diego also says that the quarantine has been upgraded to where nobody leaves, so he needs Nick’s help fixing an old military plane donated to the museum by a collector. It can fly after some repairs. Diego shows them the keys but he drops it, and when Nick goes to pick it up a zombie bites at his hand. While Dick is saying it was nice knowing Nick, Rhonda tells him to head for the Ingleton Crematorium to get their emergency Zombrex before it’s too late, while she and Dick will check out Diego’s plane at the shipping warehouse by the docks. But Diego warns that a number of the ways are cut off so the fastest way is through the sewers. Getting out into a cemetery, Nick arrives at the morgue where he spots a stocky guy in a red Hawaiian shirt with a baseball bat. The guy gets spooked when Nick comes up behind him, but seeing his bandaged hand, he warns Nick to lighten up. Nick wonders if he’s there for Zombrex, but the man, Gary, is just here for a job for the local kingpin. Despite not liking the thought of working with a crook, Nick teams up with Gary, especially after he shows him the trick of crushing wasps to kill a bunch of zombies, and they agree to help each other find what they need. Getting past the zombies, the pair get to the morgue and start looking for Gary’s woman, Nicole White, a possible alias. Nick panics that they’re taking too long to get Zombrex, but Gary assures that if anything happens he’s got a gun. They find the morgue slab with the name Nicole White, but there’s nobody inside. Getting to the crematorium, they find a coffin that was being put inside, so they open it. Nick is unnerved by how much the girl looks like Annie, but quickly demands to know where the Zombrex is since he’s finished helping Gary. Looking behind Nick, Gary laments that there isn’t any, the emergency shelf empty. Nick falls to his knees while Gary consoles him, before offering to put him out of his misery. Getting the approval, Gary prepares to shoot but trips over Nicole’s body and shoots her instead. Having wasted his last bullet, Nick helps Gary up, who spots the bite mark has healed. There’s barely even a scar! Gary has never seen this before, so it might be possible he might not need Zombrex. Relief comes over Gary, who didn’t want to shoot Nick. They take Nicole’s body to a black Hurtz, where Nick is told to drive the body to Gary’s boss at the Diamond Panty club in Ingleton. Gary has to stay, but Nick tells him about the plane that’ll need parts and was wondering if his boss might be able to help. Getting to the empty strip club, Nick turns on the TV to find a news report that claims that survivors are being chipped and evacuated through quarantine zones, with Secretary of Defense Former General Hemlock encouraging chipping. Unnerved by this, Gary takes a seat next to him and reveals that it’s the wrong girl. All they accomplished was getting Gary’s boss pissed. Nick asks Gary why either ones are determined to stay in a city that’ll be bombed, but Gary admits bitterly that he doesn’t really have much of a reason to live. Sipping at his flask, Gary asks Nick to check out the girl he mentioned before, Annie, and if she’s the girl his boss will get fuel, parts, whatever is needed. Struggling with this, Nick does agree to go looking for her, heading for his boss first to see if she knows where she went. Getting to the hangar, Rhonda’s relieved Nick got Zombrex (Hopefully). They’ve been needing his help calming down Diego, who is frantic about the president. Not helping matters is Dick telling him AWOL is punishable by death. When Nick tells him to knock it off, Dick notices they have the same tattoos. Diego has the number 49 tattooed under the right ear just like Nick. The mechanic shrugs that they’ve had it since they could remember. Checking out the plane, Rhonda notes she’s still looking up what parts are needed but is worried about the fuel. Nick tells her that there’s a guy looking for Annie, which everyone tells him to let it happen. Rhonda shows him a drawing of an unfinished circle with a horizontal line, a symbol of an Illegal Safe Haven. The biggest one is in Sunset Hills, a Communications Tower where he’s refused entry by the woman guarding the door, Lauren. Not trusting a guy looking for Annie, she tells Nick to collect two things she left at the abandoned outposts, her tattoo kit and wedding ring. Getting those, Nick goes deeper in, but the survivors inside panic and start shooting at him until he falls through a floorboard, with Annie and another man standing over the edge of the hole. They help him out of the hole, and Nick is a bad liar asking Annie if he’d like to go to Ingleton with him. Annie sees through it, and the other guy wants to slit his throat for being a rat. Annie tells the guy, Red, to ease off, which gives Nick the chance to apologize, and tell them about the plane and the repairs it’ll need. As the group take a shot of Zombrex after an alarm goes off, Red warns that as a realist, pointing to pictures taken of the evacuation centers, only there are execution squads there killing survivors, not saving. So Red gives Nick the job of taking out radios, cameras, and any other equipment. So Nick starts moving throughout the neighborhood, burning supplies, busting relays, and destroying cameras. Checking out the Almuda Farms Cold Storage for the last of the supplies, Nick gets injected in the neck by Albert Contiello, a greedy surgeon who is abducting people to harvest their organs to be sold on the black market. Despite being drugged, Nick fights the mad doctor through hallucinations, who ends up injected with his own drugs. Albert dies seeing zombies attacking him, when really he just put his own surgical saw to his own stomach, and it’s him pulling his intestines out. Nick also saves his next victim, Alejandra. Returning to the Illegal hideout, meeting up with Annie. Now having some quiet time, Nick wonders if she and Red are dating. But Red walks in before anything can be said, telling them that there’s a distress signal from Angel, who found computer recordings of attacks on civilians at the police station. That information can give them access to every camera in the city, but first they have to find Angel. Nick offers to go to the police station while they find her. The leader tells him to meet up at the Burgess-Dawson Hotel, Angel’s last location. At the police station, Nick witnesses the army, lead by Sergeant Hilde Schmittendorf, The Baroness of Hemlock’s soldiers, executing a pair of survivors while she hides the evidence in her cleavage as she laughs at them. Nick is so shocked he gives himself away, leading to a fight with the soldiers and a woman who constantly sexually harasses him in the fights. The fighting stops when Hilde fires an RPG that sends her and Nick out the window, Nick only surviving by landing on Hilde. Nick takes the flash drive and heads for the hotel, where Red and Annie are standing over Angel’s dead body. Red wonders if Nick’s a realist yet, and he admits to seeing Hemlock’s soldiers killing survivors that weren’t even bitten. With the flash drive, Annie hopes there will be justice, but Red wonders if justice will bring Angel back. But Annie counters that Angel was family, and she was taught to always fight for family. Calming down, Red apologizes to the mechanic for being a jerk earlier, not knowing who to trust. He agrees to get the fuel for the plane, but Nick’s gotta do something in return.


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