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Zapco DC Reference Amplifier Connection Program Setup Free: Tips and Tricks for Better Sound Quality

when your amplifiers output has enough power, you re ready to experience superior sound reproduction when they connect to a 5.1 surround sound receiver.. use this setup guide to help make your new amplification and channel connection free easy.

Zapco DC Reference Amplifier Connection Program setup free

at zapco we have found that not everyone needs to start out with the very top of the line of amplifiers. if you re just starting out, or you re not sure what your level of amplifier skill is, then we recommend the dc series amps as your first amplifier. the dc-352 stereo amp is a good starter amp that is priced fairly, and has most features found on our more expensive amps. the dc-352 has two channels, one channel is a 24 volt loadable tube amplifier, while the other channel is a solid state 12 volt power amp. these two channels combined allow the user to add as much or as little power as they need at any time. this is a great starting point amplifier for any level of player as long as your an experienced player looking for a nice stable amp with most features.

but you can fine tune your sound to match your tastes. the dc-652 offers a tremendous amount of power, even though it s 4 channel power amp. this amp has 6 powerful 12 volt channels that can handle over 600 watts per channel of power. this amp has the ability to convert to any pair of speaker when connecting to a pair of speakers. and when the user chooses not to use the 6 channels, then it is simply a powerful 4 channel amp.

the dc-752 amp is the next evolution in the dc series. this amp is a little bit more spendy, but is a great starting point for the player who wants the most power in the most number of channels. it only has 5 channels, but this is the 2nd amp that can convert to any stereo pair of speakers when connecting to stereo speakers. if the player decides that they want 6 channels of power, they can simply add the dc-652, and the amp can handle the power.


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