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3d Fondant High Heel Shoe Template

4. Re-adjust the shape making sure it is straight and smooth. There will be some condensation which will dry in a few minutes. Before you leave the shoe to dry hard, it is a good idea to have a skewer inserted into the heel to help balance the shoe on the former as well as the final cake, later.

3d fondant high heel shoe template

5. Leave the shoe to dry for at least a couple hours or overnight. I usually leave it for at least two days. (read tips above) Once dry, roll some thin black paste and cut the inner lining of the heel as well as the heel tip, as shown.

7. I find the best way to cut these exactly the same is to place the violet paste on the black paste. Then place the template on the paste and cut out cleanly with an Xact-o knife. Once you cut the sole, run your finger around the edges to remove any sharp corners. Using gum glue, attach the sole to the heel. Make sure the edges of your sole sit snugly on the heel. You should not see the heels edges. Let dry an hour or so before you roll some ivory paste for the inner sole.

Perfect for everyone's favorite shoe fanatic, this "roll-up-your-sleeves" cake project is made simpler with clear step-by-step photos and a few simple tricks. A chocolate mold takes the guess work out of creating a 3-D high heel shoe and a damask stencil transforms a rectangle cake into a lavish shoe box. Watch as you wow your guests with this show stopping cake.

Print and cut out the template (link to template is near the top of this post) and set up the sole support as shown in the videoMake the buckleMake the labelMake the sole in black and cream and put into placeAdd the label and make stitch marksMake the toeMake the heelMake the ankle loop in cream and black

Make a paste and join the heel to the shoe, leave to set then add extra black to joinAdd a toothpick and the back of the shoeMake the middle and lower loops out of black and cream fondant and add to the shoeOnce set add the ankle loop to the shoe and the centre vertical pieceAdd the decoration in black, green, blue and black starting at the base of the shoe

Hello, Ann . Your tutorial is excellent even for a stupid old french guy .. ? I bought your templates and my first shoe was just perfect ( a little bit too hard because of the typos I add to the fondant ) but my second one broke into several pieces . My question : did you use fondant or gum paste for your gorgeous shoe ?


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