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Board Of Selectmen

The legislative body of the Town of Simsbury consists of six elected members. Citizens wishing to address the Board may do so during the Public Audience portion of each meeting. The Board's legislative role is facilitated by a number of subcommittees - Finance, Personnel, Public Safety, Regional Affairs and Welfare. Through liaison representation on various boards and commissions (such as Board of Finance, Board of Education, Planning Commission and Zoning Commission), the Board of Selectmen ensures that it maintains avenues of input into each body's respective activity.

board of selectmen

Sec. 7-12. Duties of selectmen. The selectmen of each town shall, forthwith, after the election or appointment of any town officers of whom an oath is required by law, cause them to be sworn to a faithful discharge of their respective duties. They shall superintend the concerns of the town, adjust and settle all claims against it and draw orders on the treasurer for their payment. They shall require of the treasurer a sufficient bond, with surety, conditioned for the faithful discharge of the duties of his office; and the selectmen who fail to require such bond shall be jointly and severally liable to the town for all moneys not accounted for by the treasurer. They shall make a sworn report to the treasurer of the amount, number and date of each town order drawn by them, at the end of each month; and they shall keep a true account of all expenditures in the form of a permanent record which shall be verified under oath at the end of the fiscal year and made available for auditing purposes and public inspection. 041b061a72


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