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Gerber Omega 5.0 Software 15

Features the Allen Datagraph 536 GTS cutter, with Omega CS software and Design Mart designer package of choice. Includes free roll of Anchor Continental 25" stencil. Online training with GoToMeeting included free, or optional on-site installation and training available at additional charge. $11,785.00

Gerber Omega 5.0 Software 15

Gerber Omega is a full, ever-evolving software suite that allows you to design, preflight, print, and cut graphics, all from a single platform. The latest version adds several capabilities requested by designers over the past few years, including easy font matching and embedding logos within QR codes. Learn more about Gerber Omega 7.0.

All participants complete dietary intake questionnaires at weeks 0 and 20. Cohort 1 participants completed 3 days of food recall at each time point, administered by the Automated Self-Administered 24-hour Dietary Recall (ASA24), an NCI-designed software tool [86]. ASA24 is based on the well-validated automated multiple pass method, which has been shown to be as or more accurate than nutritionist-administered 24-hour food recall when using doubly labeled water as the criterion [87,88].


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