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Computer Oriented Numerical Methods By Rs Salaria Pdf 395

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the manuscript presents a numerical investigation of the ac electroosmosis on the kinetics binding reaction, fluid flow stream modification, analyte concentration diffusion, and detection time of biosensor. physical and mathematical models based on a microchannel were designed for the induction of velocity field and analyte concentration distribution under the external applied electric field. numerical simulation was conducted based on the design. the result showed aceo enhances biosensor performance. the manuscript is overall written clearly. i can recommend this paper for publication if the authors can address the following comments

discrete representations of systems are usual in theoretical computer science and they have many benefits. unfortunately they also suffer from the problem of state space explosion, sometimes termed the curse of dimensionality. in recent years, research has shown that there are cases in which we can reap the benefits of discrete representation during system description but then gain from more efficient analysis by approximating the discrete system by a continuous one. this paper will motivate this approach, explaining the theoretical foundations and their practical benefits.

systems of linear algebraic equations: mathematical background, gauss elimination; pitfalls and techniques for improvement, matrix inversion and gauss-seidel methods, iii conditional equations,predictor-corrector methods,case studies.

computerized text editors are the future of software development. microsoft word is a great tool for creating word processing documents but can be very time consuming. the tools and features available on the advanced editors are outstanding. these editors are easy to use and are very powerful, they are the ideal computer based solution for software development. 3d9ccd7d82


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