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Kaplan loved folk music, and frequently went to the nearby Sequoia National Park, which became an inspiration for his music. He considers his earliest musical inspirations to be Simon & Garfunkel, John Denver, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and Bill Withers. Later inspirations include Iron & Wine, Bon Iver, Ben Harper, and José González.[1]

Love Children (5) avi

On May 12, 2017, Kaplan announced that he would be leaving Pentatonix following their scheduled tour.[20] In a video announcing his departure, he stated that although he loved being in the group, it was difficult for him to keep up with the group's demanding schedule, which required him to spend less time with his family.[21][22] His final show with Pentatonix was held at the Champlain Valley Fair in Essex Junction, Vermont on September 3.[23]

Thanks for the list. I have shared many of these books with students, and they love them. Woods Runner and Laurie Halse Anderson series beginning with Chains were my favorites. I have not read the one on Sybil Ludington; that can be on my summer reading list. I plan to look into some of the Civil War books as well.

Aviendha was once of the Far Dareis Mai, and was sent west of the Spine of the World to hunt for He Who Comes With the Dawn. On her return to the Three-Fold Land, she was made to give up the spear and train with the Wise Ones, as she was discovered to have the ability to channel the One Power, and was made an apprentice after her first visit to Rhuidean. She did not want to admit her feelings to Rand as he had declared his love to Elayne Trakand, but after he became the car'a'carn, she eventually became the second woman to become his lover, and the first to lie with him.

After the battle between the Shaido and the other clans, Aviendha ventured west of the Waste once more, and traveled to Salidar hoping to meet Elayne. Aviendha joined the Aes Sedai mission to find the Bowl of the Winds with the Kin and Windfinders, where she grew close with Elayne, returning to Caemlyn with her. The two were bonded as first-sisters, and later bonded Rand as her Warder after she, Elayne, and Min agreed to love Rand together and respect one another.

At Rhuidean, Aviendha saw that she was fated to fall in love with Rand. She'd promised to keep anyone from stealing Rand out from under Elayne's nose, only to discover that she herself was going to end up becoming involved with him. Doing so after promising to Elayne to keep other women away from Rand had the potential to stain her honor in a way that she found to be unacceptable. Blaming Rand for her predicament, Aviendha became suddenly hostile, behavior that baffled him.[14] The situation was exacerbated when the Aiel Wise Ones instructed Aviendha to teach Rand about the Aiel people and eventually even sleep in his tent, as they hoped that she would become more intimately involved with him. The situation finally came to a head when one day Rand happened to come upon Aviendha while she was trying to bathe in his room. Panicking, she made a gateway (incidentally a feat she is not able to reproduce until much later in the series) to the opposite side of the world and fled through it into a blizzard. Rand, realizing that she would not survive long without clothes in a freezing, foreign land, grabbed blankets and pursued her. After Rand fished her out of a river that she fell into, Aviendha declared that she would run from her fate no longer and revealed her love to Rand in the form of sudden and unexpected sexual intercourse.

Rand kept her close (albeit awkwardly at times) through the battles with the Shaido and the attack on Rahvin, though Aviendha decided to forgo anything physical again until she could talk with Elayne. Fortunately, their liaison did not seem to have damaged Rand's love for Elayne, nor Aviendha's and Elayne's friendship.

Shortly after Rahvin's demise, Rand foisted Aviendha off on Mat Cauthon because he believed that any woman near him would be in danger, and he couldn't stand to see her hurt. As she had business with Elayne at any rate, Aviendha left of her own volition (and Rand did not tell her why he wanted her gone due to the fact that she would have almost certainly taken it as an insult). After they arrived at Salidar, Aviendha agreed to accompany Elayne and Nynaeve to Ebou Dar; she assisted in the use of the Bowl of the Winds once it was found. She has also been given a woman shaped angreal by Elayne to use.[15] Now safely in Caemlyn, she has finally had a chance to meet Min Farshaw, the third member of Rand's women, and they seem to be getting along. She and Elayne have also formally become first-sisters, an Aiel ceremony that invokes a Power-wrought connection not unlike a Warder bond.[16] Also, Aviendha, along with both Elayne and Min, have Bonded Rand as their 'Warder' in a private ceremony. She remains in Caemlyn, safeguarding Elayne and, according to Min, Rand's newly conceived twins. Min has seen in her visions that Aviendha will have four of Rand's babies at once, but that there is something odd about it. The children will be born healthy, but there is something odd about that, too. This might be an allusion to the fact that all four children would be born holding the power at all times, as later seen during her second trip to Rhuidean.

Aviendha tells a group of Wise Ones about her visions of the future, and the fall of the Aiel. The women rationalize that it is because Rand will leave the Aiel adrift by excluding the Aiel from his plans tomorrow. They plan to fight this future, even if it cannot be changed. Bair orders her to open a gateway to Rhuidean so she can see this future for herself and advises Aviendha to change the name of one of her children and never speak the name again; with the hope that the future can be changed.

Min has a vision indicating that Aviendha would have four children by Rand all at once at some point in the future, but there would be something strange about them.[19] As seen in Aviendha's visions of the future in Rhuidean, Aviendha does indeed have quadruplets to Rand. They are named Padra, Alarch, Janduin and Marinna. The strange thing about them could be that they could channel since childhood and perpetually embrace the True Source. It is speculated that this may be due to having children with Rand after he had exchanged bodies with Moridin, allowing for Rand's unexplained abilities to light his pipe to be inherited.

In Sophia's War, a twelve-year-old patriot girl (Sophia) lives with her family in British-occupied New York City. She falls in love with a British soldier John Andre, who betrays her. When her brother dies, Sophia determines to take his place in the war. She joins the Culper spy ring, and the information she learns leads to the death of John Andre, who is hanged as a spy.

John Andre is the first officer who stays at the Calderwoods' home. Although she wants to hate him, Sophia quickly falls in love with his charm, his flute-playing, and his poetry. When she sees her brother in a line of prisoners, she begs Andre to help, and he vows he will. Soon, however, he breaks that vow and leaves New York City. Heartbroken, Sophia vows to help William herself.

Through the characters of Andre and Arnold, the novel dramatizes the theme of betrayal (i.e., selling out one's allies). The plot engages readers in patriotism (a devoted love of one's nation) and espionage (spycraft) through Sophia's brave intervention. Along the way, readers are encouraged to consider the pros and cons of patriotism. Given the novel's emphasis on espionage on both sides of the War for Independence, the story probes questions of loyalty. Is it better to stick to your guns, even if you think you might lose? The novel engages readers in the real-world historical stakes of American Independence.

With its themes of betrayal (i.e., selling out one's allies), patriotism (a love and dedication to one's country), and espionage (spycraft), Sophia's War will be an engaging adventure for middle school readers interested in history, war, and drama.

Baruch is a gifted standup comedian with a fresh, original vibe. Punchy, clean, thought-provoking, and laugh-out-loud funny, his show is for anyone who loves a waggish wit. Saturday February 3 21:00

She was born August 8, 1946 in Caro, the daughter of the late William and Lucy (Nelson) Davis. Lucy was united in marriage with Richard Donovan in 1965 and he preceded her in death on April 5, 2001. Lucy was a homemaker who dedicated her life to her children and her home. She was a member and Elder with the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe.

Lucy is survived by her children, Michelle Donovan and her fiancÃ, Bill Eddy of Caro, Jackie Donovan and her fiancÃ, Mike Leske of Essexville, Scott & Holly Donovan of Caro; six grandchildren, Kai and Skye Donovan of Caro, Avi Urban of Caro, Rylee Donovan of Caro, Damian Leske of Essexville, Nava Donovan of Caro; two brothers, Joseph Davis of Clio and Thomas Davis of Caro. In addition to her parents and husband, she was preceded in death by one son, Randy Donovan. 041b061a72


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