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Delicious Retouch 3.0: A Powerful Photoshop Plugin for Portrait and Beauty Retouching

Delicious Retouch 3.0 is a Photoshop plugin that helps photographers speed up their portrait, beauty and fashion retouching workflow. It is a set of 11 time-saving scripts that cover most frequent retouching adjustments and problem corrections[^5^] [^1^].

Some of the features of Delicious Retouch 3.0 are:

Delicious Skin: a tool that automatically smoothens skin and eliminates skin imperfections while keeping things natural looking.

Low Frequency Blur: a tool that allows you to smooth skin while preserving texture, with adjustable sliders.

Low Frequency Painting: a tool that lets you paint on the image with brush tool without losing skin texture.

Smart Healing: a tool that saves you time cleaning skin by applying spot healing brush only to spots, facial hair etc., keeping the "good" skin untouched.

Eyes & Teeth: a tool that enhances iris, whitens whites and teeth in seconds using brush.

Sharpen: a tool that sharpens the image with a powerful "smart sharpen" option that protects edges from oversharpening.

Stamp Current and Below: a tool that merges a copy of selected layer and layers below.

Fill Layer Mask with Black: a tool that fills the layer mask with black color.

2-up View: a tool that lets you see and work on the same document at different zoom levels side by side.

Delicious Retouch 3.0 is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS6 â CC 2015 both on Mac OSX and Windows. It is coded in HTML5 and JavaScript. It works well whether you are working in 8bit or 16bit mode, and adapts to any resolution or image size[^1^].

If you are looking for a powerful and easy-to-use plugin for retouching your portraits and beauty shots, Delicious Retouch 3.0 might be the perfect choice for you. You can download a free trial version from or buy the full version for $29.95.Here are some more paragraphs:

Delicious Retouch 3.0 is not just another panel, it is a set of powerful scripts designed to help you get better results in just a fraction of time. From subtle, everyday retouching, to magazine-quality closeups, DR3's tools are easy-to-use, while giving you absolute control over the final result.

Delicious Retouch 3.0 also has built-in dialogs with sliders and options that give you all the control you need to keep things up to your taste. You can adjust the strength, radius, opacity and other parameters of each tool to suit your needs. You can also preview the changes before applying them to the image.

Delicious Retouch 3.0 is a great tool for both beginners and professionals who want to improve their retouching skills and workflow. It can help you achieve flawless skin, sparkling eyes, perfect teeth and more in minutes. It can also save you time and money by reducing the need for expensive plugins or outsourcing. 061ffe29dd


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