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Four Seasons [v0.6]

Four new in between seasons for smoother transition between seasons:Late Winter - Early Spring' - opposite season in the southern hemisphere. Mixed winter and spring colors trees. Spring trees don't have any blossoms in this set.

Four Seasons [v0.6]

Please see this map to see where seasons are located: in Spring/fall mod.New features:New method of adding unlimited ecosystems in a single area. As an example, even each street in a city can have different sets of trees or different colors.Example: or this: ecosystems are being added to all regions in the world and updates will be available weekly.Colorful flower fields in Amsterdam, Netherland by the airport. (more will be added)Cherry blossom clusters added in the following cities:Chicago, Saint Louise, Washington, New York, Paris, Vienna, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Zurich, Milano. (more cities will be added)(These are mostly placed around downtowns or rivers crossing cities or around lakes in cities or near famous landmarks.)

3- Palm field/forests added to the following areas in all single seasons: Hawaii, Sri Lanka, India, Saint Martin Island, bahamas, Saint Martin, all other Caribbean Islands, and other tropical counries and islands.(this is different than the existing palm trees which are mixed with other trees.)

New features:1- There are now 45 species/shapes of trees, shrubs and bushes in the seasons.2- New giant pine trees in Sierra and Sequoia National forests. Example: (this is currently being tested and will be updated)

1- For those of you who are using Orbx Airport addon/mods, you may have seen different color trees around the airports. This is because Orbx, sometimes takes the trees from the opposite side of the earth which can be different season. To fix this, I have created 4 new SINGLE seasons called "Single_SeasonPack V.35" which is available as free download. If you don't use orbx, you can still use the multi seasons.Single seasons means the whole planet (except tropical areas) will be one season. Tropicals will always remain green.

A snapshot demonstrating the spatial interpolation of vectors from the 2.5 grid to the 0.1 grid box, showing the computed vectors (magenta arrows), every fourth interpolated vector (gray arrows), and the propagated precipitation field in the background. Arrow lengths are relative and do not indicate the physical distance propagated.

While the changes herein affect all three IMERG runs, we thus far only showed the evaluation results for motion vectors derived from MERRA-2, which is used only in the Final run. We expect these results to be comparable to motion vectors derived from GEOS FP that is used in the Early and Late runs, given the structural similarity between the two products. Indeed, a test comparison of the motion vectors derived from GEOS FP TQV to those derived from MERRA-2 TQV showed high similarity between the two sets of vectors, with correlations between the vector fields consistently above 0.9 (Fig. 7). This result is based on using all four GEOS FP runs of the day over 10 days beginning 1 August 2017 (taking into account the anticipated 7-h latency in data availability). If we were to use a single 0000 UTC GEOS FP forecast that goes out to 240 h, the drop in performance associated with a deteriorating forecast is gradual, with correlations dropping to just below 0.7 at 240 h. This suggests that, should there be an interruption to GEOS FP data availability that forces the IMERG Early and Late runs to use a forecast to an extended period, they can still run for up to 10 days with a tolerable degradation in performance.

On July 17, 2017, Rooster Teeth released the first trailer for the upcoming Volume, the "Volume 5 Weiss Character Short". It was followed up by the "Volume 5 Blake Character Short" on September 4, 2017, and the "Volume 5 Yang Character Short" on October 14, 2017.[15] These Character Shorts, like the original four trailers and the "Volume 4 Character Short", tell unique parts of the story.

On August 17, 2018, Rooster Teeth released the "Volume 6 Adam Character Short" prior to the season's premiere. Focusing on Adam Taurus, the short tells a unique part of the story similar to the original four trailers and the various Volume 4 & 5 character shorts.

Unlike prior seasons, Volume 6 did not originally air on YouTube following various Rooster Teeth videos being demonetized. Volume 6 episodes later began airing on YouTube on November 2, 2019, alongside the Volume 7 premiere on the Rooster Teeth website.

World of Remnant is a series of short special videos detailing recurring story elements in RWBY. Each episode explains details about a specific topic and are narrated by a character from the show. The first four World of Remnant episodes were released alongside Volume 2, narrated by Jen Taylor, the "mysterious narrator" in Volume 1's first episode who is later revealed to be the primary antagonist of the series, Salem. The four episodes released alongside Volume 3 were narrated by Shannon McCormick, the voice of Professor Ozpin. The eight episodes released alongside Volume 4 were narrated by Vic Mignogna, who voiced Qrow Branwen prior to the conclusion of Volume 6.

Ozpin tells the tale of the Four Maidens; An old wizard living in the woods sees a maiden, Winter, waiting outside in the snow for her sisters, falling asleep from the serenity she brings. When he wakes, he sees another maiden, Spring, also waiting for her sisters and planting seeds to create a beautiful garden. The wizard watches until he hears laughter from a third waiting maiden, Summer, who convinces the wizard to step outside and embrace the world. They prepare a feast together just as the fourth sister, Fall, arrives and asks the wizard's name when he invites her. The Wizard claims he is uninteresting and has nothing to his name despite centuries of life, but Fall remarks otherwise and convinces him he has everything he needs in life. The wizard asks why they helped him with his loneliness, with Fall's answer being they would do so for anyone. Repaying their kindness, the wizard bestows his magic upon the sisters, gifting them control over the elements of nature. The sisters promise to use their gifts to aid others and to visit their friend every year.

This release is intended as a small patch release to be compatible with the new2021.5.0 dask.distributed release. It also includes a newdrop_duplicates method, some documentation improvements, the beginnings ofour internal Index refactoring, and some bug fixes.

Box plot of three-minute samples of PNC measured in three locations during 15 survey measurements using a CPC carried at waist height. Measurements were taken at different times of day in different seasons

Seasonal averages of a mass size distribution measured on each stage of the ELPI for and b number size distribution measured on each stage of the ELPI for 3-day sample. Data sets show the average and standard deviation of each season, there were six measurements in hot season, four measurements in cool season and three measurements in rainy season. Mass (M) and number (N) concentrations have been normalised by dividing by the bin width size of each impactor stage (Dp) on a log scale as is commonly used to represent typical size distributions encountered in atmospheric aerosol science. The mass distributions were not available for the rainy season

Airborne concentration of metal and metalloid within size-separated sampled of PM measured in fifteen sets of 3-day samples near a toll road in Bangkok. Data sets show the average and standard deviation of each season, there were six measurements in hot season, four measurements in cool season and five measurements in rainy season. Metal concentrations (C) have been normalised by dividing by the bin width size of each impactor stage (Dp) on a log scale, as is commonly used to represent typical size distributions encountered in atmospheric aerosol science. A version of this figure without normalisation can be found in supplementary materials

Dear author, thank you for the opportunity to read this very well written manuscript describing the characteristics of sports injuries sustained by Gaelic Football players during eight seasons. Gaelic football is not very popular outside Ireland, but the similarities to other football codes (e.g. rugby union, American football, soccer) made it very interesting for me to read your manuscript. I have expressed my concerns and I am sure that you will be able to provide the necessary clarifications to make your paper ready for publishing. 041b061a72


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