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Autodesk Advance Concrete 2015 Crack BEST


Autodesk Advance Concrete 2015 Crack BEST

Making the calculation of concrete deflection an automated task is so important that AD 2015 features two new options:

Deflection Circulation

Concrete Deflection

Engineers can also use the Concrete Deflection Iteration tool to control an iterative process which is performed to solve concrete deflection. This tool is only available when Deflection Circulation is used and is shown in the Iterative process menu.

By default, the software uses the first option, but in case of large or complex structures, the second option can be called when necessary. Both the deflection circulation and concrete deflection options are available in all FEM design steps, including: Foundation, Building, Structure, and Bridge calculations.

Advanced Design 2015 can perform structural analysis and design for reinforced concrete sections with continuous reinforcement, including designs for beams and floors, in one single modelling process.

The patented algorithm provides the equivalent model of a reinforced concrete section made of continuous-fibre reinforcement elements. This element, included in the concrete, is directly linked to the reinforcement and to the concrete volume. A concrete deflection coefficient is computed, making it possible to obtain the maximum deflection in the structure.

Concrete reinforcement models can be tailored for the simulation of beams, floors or slabs, with or without residual strengthening. In the following example, the beam is reinforced with standard reinforcement elements. Based on the calculated concrete deflection coefficient, the analysis allows the user to calculate the maximum deflection in the structure.

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