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Am Tag Als Ignatz Bubis Starbmp3

Am Tag Als Ignatz Bubis Starbmp3: A Controversial Song by Landser

Am Tag Als Ignatz Bubis Starbmp3 is a song by Landser, a German neo-Nazi rock band that was banned in Germany for inciting racial hatred and violence. The song title translates to "The Day When Ignatz Bubis Died" and refers to the death of Ignatz Bubis, a prominent German Jewish leader and Holocaust survivor, who passed away in 1999. The song celebrates his death and mocks his life, using anti-Semitic slurs and stereotypes.

Am Tag Als Ignatz Bubis Starbmp3

The song is available on SoundCloud, a popular online audio platform, where it has been uploaded by various users. One of them is Tiffany Hill, who posted the song with the description "This is my favorite song ever". Another user is Chelsea Davis, who created a discovery playlist featuring the song. The song can also be found on, a music streaming service, where it is attributed to Landser & Zillertaler Türkenjäger, another neo-Nazi band that collaborated with Landser on some songs.

The song has been widely criticized and condemned by anti-racist groups, Jewish organizations, and human rights activists, who have called for its removal from the internet and legal action against the creators and distributors. The song violates the laws against hate speech and Holocaust denial in Germany and other countries, and also infringes on the dignity and memory of Ignatz Bubis and other victims of Nazi persecution.

The song is an example of how neo-Nazi ideology and propaganda can spread online through music and other media, and how it can influence and radicalize vulnerable individuals. The song also shows the need for more education and awareness about the history and consequences of the Holocaust, as well as the promotion of tolerance and respect for diversity.


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