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Omnifocus License Key Serial __EXCLUSIVE__

In June 2020, we introduced an Omni Accounts login-based unlocking method for all of our latest applications. New purchases now automatically register your license to your account, and earlier purchases can be registered to an account for easier license management. Refer to our article Unlocking our apps with your Omni Account if you are running OmniFocus 3.9, OmniGraffle 7.17, OmniOutliner 5.7, or OmniPlan 4.0 and later.

Omnifocus License Key Serial

All Omni applications purchased prior to June 2020 from our online store or any other location outside of the Mac App Store utilize a license key to fully unlock the app. This applies to the following versions of our apps:

If you purchased the application at retail and registered the product using our Application Registration form, the Lost Licenses page should also be able to provide you with your license code. Otherwise, please contact our sales department at for further assistance.

Computer: This license will be able to be used by any user who logs in to this computer. An example of when a Computer license would be needed is a school lab setting, where multiple users are using the licensed app on the same Mac computer with separate user accounts. On many macOS configurations, additional steps are required in order to enable this license option.

We are happy to provide custom quotes for businesses who wish to make volume purchases. Please contact if you'd like a license quote for large volumes or have a licensing need not covered by this online store.

When you purchase directly from our online store, which offers you the same secure-buying experience as the app store, you're paying for a perpetual license that is yours to keep, forever. You own the version of the app you paid for, including all the updates released after the time of purchase until the time free updates expire.

This also means that there is no looking out for a BusyCal 4 / 5 / 6 etc. There's a single version of BusyCal and BusyContacts that we will continue to update and improve - and your license entitles you to all updates, both major and minor, for 18 months.

You get a lifetime license that never expires, which means you own the version you paid for and can continue using it forever. However, your license is valid for 18 months of free updates starting from the date of purchase. This would include bug fixes, enhancements and new features - both major and minor. To continue to receive updates after 18 months, you will need to renew your license.

For instance, say you purchased BusyCal on the 1st of Jan 2020, when it was on version 3.6. You will be entitled to own all updates posted until July 2021. After the expiry date, you can continue using the last update that was released; say, version 3.24 - forever. If you then choose to renew your license, you will receive an additional 18 months of updates, starting from the date of renewal. This way, you can choose not to renew for six months, and renew only when an update we post interests you with a feature or enhancement you always wanted.

12 months is indeed the industry standard - however 12 months also sounds like a subscription. Unless you're using an app regularly, 12 months go by fairly quickly. We wanted to go above and beyond the norm and offer a better deal. We believe 18 months is that sweet spot. As a customer you get value for money and by posting regular, meaningful updates, we get an opportunity to win you over for potentially another 18 months after your license expires - that too on a discount.

If it were a subscription, you would be prevented from using the app unless you paid the renewal fee. This is not the case. You are entitled to use the app you paid for forever. Renewing your license is up to you.

If you originally purchased 10 licenses and your 18 month period of free updates is over, you will normally only be able to renew all of these licenses at the same time, since the renewal is tied to your registration code instead of individual device activations.

If you don't want to renew your license after the 18-month period, you can continue to use the version of the app that you have, for as long as you want, but you won't be able to receive any further updates, this includes critical bug fixes. To receive new updates with new features, enhancements and bug fixes, a renewed license will be required, entitling you to own another 18 months of updates.

In most cases, not renewing a license will not affect you in any way or form, however this isn't guaranteed. At times a new version of macOS can deprecate certain features or remove support for them entirely, prompting app developers to make changes to fix crashes or fulfill additional requirements. An example is the shift from 32-bit to 64-bit, or more recently the shift from Intel to Apple Silicon, which required a lot of work to ensure compatibility. In recent months iCloud also made unannounced changes that broke Reminders and to-do sync for a majority of our users, for which we had to swiftly add native Reminders sync support. Similarly, other 3rd party services the app relies upon (such as Weather) may discontinue, prompting us to switch to a new service. Older copies of the app will unfortunately stop connecting to such services and will require renewal.

You can always change your mind at any time. Not renewing a license does not prevent you from using the app and it's core functions. You simply miss out on updates that are rolled out with new improvements. You can keep using the app for months / years / decades before you decide to renew your license and get back onto the latest version. The choice is entirely yours.

When you renew your license, you're renewing the license tied to a serial code for all your macs. If you own multiple macs and use the same serial number on all of these, you only need to renew your license once and continue using it on all your personal devices. The only time we ask users to buy and renew additional licenses is when these are used on non-personal, work machines.

No. Instead of developing a major paid update and timing it with the release of the new version of macOS each year, we have instead decided to make it simpler for ourselves and our users. Instead of marketing BusyCal as "version 4" and trying to sell it as a paid upgrade, there will only every be a single version of BusyCal that you renew a license for, in case you wish to see an additional 18 months of innovation. Users will continue to receive meaningful updates, including major new features, critical fixes, performance improvements and enhancements as part of their renewal.

With our "18-months of updates included" license, everyone's treated equally, and you get far greater value for the money spent. There is no longer a BusyCal 4 / 5 / 6 but a single version that keeps improving - you enjoy 18-months of improvements (both minor and major), and when the time is up, you choose whether you wish to renew the license for another 18 months or stick with a "good enough" version you're currently content with.

Older versions of our app did not contain the required code to perform license eligibility checks. Also, in case you download the latest version of the app from the website, you may find that your license does not permit you to use this particular version and that you need to downgrade.

If you had bought BusyCal or BusyContacts in 2016, for instance, your license in fact was originally entitled to updates till around the begining of 2018. However, we decided to not charge anyone till the begining of 2021 and extended all previously expired licenses to the 1st Jan, 2021 (i.e. we postponed our plans of releasing a new paid upgrade at the time). During this time, you continued to receive all updates for free.

As explained here, we extended all expired licenses to last up to the 1st of January 2021 irrespective of when these expired (since 2016). In case you've just downloaded an update and are being informed that you're not eligible to use the update, you may downgrade to an earlier version that was released before the 1st of January 2021, or renew your license to own another 18 months of updates.

Since we are looking for a sustainable future in building and supporting our complex applications, we decided the only way forward is to offer an optionally renewable, perpetual license directly via our store (something Apple does not plan to offer), while offering a subscription on the Mac App Store. A win-win.

It is not possible to transfer your subscription based license from the App Store directly. As the App Store uses a subscription model with very different pricing compared to what is offered directly by, and is managed by Apple directly, you would need to first cancel your subscription from the App Store, then purchase a copy from our online store. Users can manage App Store subscriptions via the following link:

1) You migrated your app-store copy to the direct version before the 15th of July 2021 and were issued a serial number from our store. In that case, you may download the Trial version and use the serial number issued to you during the registration step.

2) You signed up to the mailing list before 1st Jan 2021 during the initial setting up process (from within App Store copy). Doing so would have auto-assigned you a serial number. Please check your email and use that serial number after downloading the direct Trial version.

After you have installed these versions, you will be prompted automatically if your license needs to be registered or renewed in case you purchased the copy 18 months ago. In case you do not wish to renew the license, you will be given the option to download the last update you were entitled to download for free. You can see a listing of all the released versions here.

In case you have not yet registered your copy after installing the direct version, you may see a prompt requesting you to register your copy. This is required to validate and assign a license (serial number) against the installed copy. As an exclusive offer for our App Store users, your newly registered copy will be eligible for 18 months of free updates without paying the renewal fee.


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