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The Reader: A Haunting Story of Love and Guilt

The Reader is a 2008 drama film based on the 1995 novel of the same name by Bernhard Schlink. The film stars Kate Winslet, Ralph Fiennes, and David Kross as the main characters, who are involved in a complex and tragic relationship that spans several decades.

The film begins in 1995, when a middle-aged lawyer named Michael Berg (Fiennes) recalls his teenage affair with an older woman named Hanna Schmitz (Winslet) in post-war Germany. Michael first meets Hanna when he falls ill on his way home from school and she helps him. He later returns to thank her and they begin a passionate relationship. Hanna often asks Michael to read books to her before they make love, and he discovers that she loves literature.

One day, Hanna suddenly disappears without a trace, leaving Michael heartbroken and confused. Eight years later, he sees her again as a defendant in a war crimes trial. He learns that she was a former SS guard who participated in the killing of hundreds of Jewish prisoners in a church fire. He also realizes that she has a secret that she is willing to hide at any cost: she is illiterate.

Michael is torn between his feelings for Hanna and his moral duty as a witness. He decides to keep silent about her illiteracy, which could have reduced her sentence. He also feels guilty for betraying the victims of the Holocaust. He tries to forget Hanna, but he cannot.

The film follows Michael's life as he struggles with his past and his present. He becomes a successful lawyer, but he is unable to form meaningful relationships with anyone. He also starts to send audio tapes of books to Hanna in prison, hoping to help her learn to read and write. He receives no reply from her, until one day he gets a letter from the prison warden, informing him that Hanna is about to be released and asking him to help her with her reintegration into society.

Michael visits Hanna for the first time in 18 years, and finds her changed by age and remorse. She tells him that she has learned a lot from his tapes, and that she has been reading about the Holocaust and writing letters of apology to the survivors. She also asks him for his forgiveness, but he does not answer. He agrees to help her find a place to live and a job, but he is still distant and cold towards her.

The day before Hanna's release, Michael prepares to pick her up from prison. However, he receives a call from the warden, who tells him that Hanna has committed suicide by hanging herself in her cell. He also tells him that she has left a note and a box for him.

Michael goes to the prison and reads Hanna's note. She thanks him for his tapes and his kindness, and asks him to give the box to a Jewish woman named Ilana Mather (Lena Olin), who is one of the survivors of the church fire and who testified against Hanna at the trial. The box contains money that Hanna saved from her work in prison, along with a tea tin that Michael once gave her as a gift.

Michael travels to New York and meets Ilana at her apartment. He tells her about Hanna's death and gives her the box. Ilana is shocked and angry, and refuses to accept Hanna's money or forgiveness. She tells Michael that Hanna's suicide was an act of cowardice, not repentance. She also accuses him of being complicit in Hanna's crimes by keeping silent about her illiteracy. She tells him to keep the money or donate it to a Jewish charity.

Michael leaves Ilana's apartment with the box. He decides to donate the money to an organization that fights illiteracy, in Hanna's name. He also visits Hanna's grave with his daughter Julia (Hannah Herzsprung), whom he has reconciled with after years of estrangement. He places the tea tin on Hanna's tombstone, along with some flowers. He finally says goodbye to Hanna, and hopes that she has found peace. 061ffe29dd


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