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Agelong Tree: The Best Software for Creating and Managing Your Family Tree

thanks to all those features, agelong tree is a good tool for both beginners and professionals. you can take advantage of the program's many options to make your family tree as detailed as you like, and if you have a lot of data to store and import, you will appreciate the amount of space it takes up. it is also one of the most affordable programs of its kind.

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i want to do genealogical research, but i do not have any information at all about my ancestors. can you help me? if you have no information about your family history, use agelong tree's unique photo search feature to create a family tree. it will automatically add your relatives to your tree if you have a photograph of them. you will be able to add more information about them, such as dates of birth, place of residence, and more. you can find people even if their names are not in your records. you will also be able to add notes and create audio files to your relatives. you can even add a photo to a family member to keep track of their current status.

how to print a part of the family tree open the file (or the interactive html) that has the family tree in the browser and use the buttons on the toolbar to print it. you can also save the html file to the printer.

how to extract the tree from the family file? to extract the family tree from the file, go to all actions menu file extract. choose the family tree that you want to export and choose the file to export it to.


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