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His pride wounded, Buldeo tries to murder Mowgli and destroy the jungle by starting a forest fire. The wind turns and the fire threatens the village. The villagers flee, but Mowgli's mother and her defender are trapped. Mowgli brings the local elephants including their leader Hathi who help free the captives and rescue the jungle animals from the fire. He is invited to follow them to a new life downriver, but chooses to stay and protect the jungle.

Few directors have managed to capture the essence of the Amazon jungle on film. You must admit that the largest rainforest on Earth hosts such an abundance of life that it would present a challenge to anyone trying to shrink it to a 2-hour motion picture. Luckily for us, some daring filmmakers have taken the challenge and managed to dissect parts of this giant natural wonderland by focusing either on the nature, the culture, the history and even the spirituality of the area. They have gifted us these 10 exceptional Amazon movies and documentaries, each an opportunity to experience the wild beauty of this fantastic land.

Green River, The Time of the Yakurunas is a sensory journey into the spiritual depths of the Amazon. The film follows the flowing waters of the Amazon river that connect the lives of the people of three isolated villages of the rainforest. While it may start with an anthropological purpose, the movie relies on its beautiful photography and its stunning soundscape to fully immerse the viewers in this Amazonian catchment area. Lulled by the spiritual sounds of Ayahuasca chants the river becomes the main protagonist and acts as a reflection screen for the shadows that move along its seemingly calm waters.

A perfect film for the whole family, Amazonia fills a space half-way in between a work of fiction and a wildlife and nature documentary. While it shows no apparent pretention to educate on scientific subjects, the movie effortlessly succeeds in introducing the notion of ecosystems in an entertaining way and the result is surprising. The story follows Sai, a capuchin monkey born and raised in captivity, that finds himself alone and lost in the wilderness of the Amazon jungle after a plane crash. Following his adventures, the movie features scores of intriguing rainforest residents: jaguars, crocodiles, boas, tapirs, giant otters, and more. The film gets the family-friendly tick and it is a great way for children and adults alike to learn about the wilderness of the Amazon.

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