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System Shock 2 Medsci Armory [NEW]

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How to Access the Medsci Armory in System Shock 2

System Shock 2 is a classic sci-fi horror game that challenges players to survive on a spaceship infested by a hostile alien hive mind. One of the early objectives in the game is to access the Medsci Armory, a locked room that contains valuable weapons and ammo. However, the armory code is not easy to find, and requires some exploration and backtracking. Here is a guide on how to access the Medsci Armory in System Shock 2.

Step 1: Find the R&D Card

The first step is to find the R&D Card, which allows you to enter the Research and Development sector of the Medsci Deck. The R&D Card is located in the Crew Quarters of the Medical section of the deck, in Dr. James Watts' room. To get there, you need to acquire the Deck 2 Crew Access Card from Grassi, a medical technician working in the Biopsy lab. Grassi's corpse can be found near a surgical unit in the lab, and his card is on his body. Once you have the card, you can use it to open the door to the Crew Quarters.

Step 2: Find Dr. Watts

The second step is to find Dr. Watts, who knows the code to the maintenance shaft that leads to the Engineering Deck. The maintenance shaft is where you need to go next, as it is the only way to reach the Operations Deck and meet Dr. Polito, who will help you restore power to the ship. Dr. Watts is not in his room, but he left behind an audio log that reveals he went back to R&D to work on something important. His room also contains an R&D card, which you can use to enter R&D.

Step 3: Get the Maintenance Shaft Code

The third step is to get the maintenance shaft code from Dr. Watts' body. To do this, you need to enter R&D and make your way to his office. However, R&D is full of enemies and hazards, so be prepared for a fight. You will also encounter some new enemies, such as blue monkeys and shotgun hybrids. Once you reach Dr. Watts' office, you will find him dying on the floor. He will try to warn you of the Many's plan for you before he passes away. The code to the maintenance shaft is found on his body: 15061.

Step 4: Go Back to Medsci Armory

The fourth and final step is to go back to Medsci Armory and use the code to open it. The armory is located in the Science Wing subsection of the deck, near a security station and a pump station. The code for the armory is 98383, which can be found in an audio log by Melanie Bronson, a security officer who changed it for safety reasons[^1^]. The audio log can be found in Operations Deck later in the game, but you can also look it up online if you don't want to wait[^1^]. Once you enter the code, you can access the armory and loot its contents.


The Medsci Armory is a useful resource for players who want to stock up on weapons and ammo early in System Shock 2. However, accessing it requires some exploration and backtracking across different sections of the Medsci Deck. By following this guide, you should be able to find all the necessary items and codes to open the armory and enjoy its rewards. 248dff8e21


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